Hard work and physicality nothing new for big fellas at Washington’s lineman camp

Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 6:31 PM CDT
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WASHINGTON (Heart of Illinois ABC) - It was a scorcher at Washington last Saturday. In fact, it was one of the hottest days of the year. It was hot for the quarterbacks, receivers and running backs who were participating in the 7-on-7 event hosted by the Panthers and they were just throwing the ball, wearing t-shirts and shorts. But the big boys were also putting in work that day. The big fellas in pads and getting physical as a part of Washington’s lineman camp, a bit of a change from their typical lineman challenge.

“I just think it’s better for the kids,” Washington coach Darrell Crouch said of the new setup as a camp rather than a challenge. “We’ve got some college coaches out here so it’s good exposure for the kids. For the big boys with the pads on, it’s probably a little hotter probably than the 100 degrees that’s on the turf over there.”

It might have been hot, but that kind of gritty, physical, hard-nosed work is nothing new for the big fellas, this is they kind of thing they do all season long.

“Yeah, we always get stuck out here doing the work and they’re just over here playing patty cake all the time, just doing whatever the heck they want,” Pekin senior lineman Brayden Beckham said. “I like it. I like getting the work in. It’s pretty fun for me.”

“Yeah, we’re always working, we’re going hard,” Washington senior lineman Bobby Witherell said. “Lineman, we are the first ones to start usually, we work our butts of all the time. We’re the heavy-set ones that hold the line while the quarterback and receivers do their job.”

It’s hard work. It’s physical. It’s tiring, but the lineman don’t seem to mind. They know this is their job and while they might not be the ones scoring touchdowns, they still get the glory from the little things.

“It’s the trenches,” Richwoods junior lineman Sean Smith said. “We gotta get dirty. We gotta make room for our running backs to score. We do all the dirty work. They stay clean. That’s just the way the game of football is played.”

“We don’t mind it,” Washington junior lineman Henry Worrick said. “We get our reward when we get a pancake or a good block or when we see the running back or the quarterback score a touchdown. That’s our reward.”

Everybody’s putting in work this summer. The lineman with their pads on. The quarterbacks and receivers working on the offense and it’s all in preparation for the fall because in just four weeks, they’ll be right back under the Friday Night Lights

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