Apartment dweller claims landlord won’t fix the AC

The Grove Apartments
The Grove Apartments(Gray)
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 10:18 PM CDT
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PEORIA (WEEK) - A Peoria man is speaking out after he says his apartment complex will not fix the air conditioning. This is not the first time the city has been involved with this complex.

“This is just frustrating because I have n-renal failure. I am on the kidney transplant list,” said Peoria resident, David Seneff.

Seneff lives at The Grove Apartments in North Peoria. He said his air conditioning was not sounding right for about a week, so he contacted maintenance.

“He said, ‘It will probably go out before the end of summer, we’re not repairing it,’” said Seneff.

Seneff said he was shocked.

“The only things that are in the lease are the two things that city requires, which is water and heat,” said Seneff.

The property manager at the leasing office denies Seneff’s claim. She said 30 AC units have been ordered, but supply chain issues and waiting for approval are slowing the process down as Peoria tied a record high, Thursday.

But, Seneff remains skeptical.

“Biggest fears would be our AC does go out and we have to break our lease and find an apartment,” said Seneff.

When driving through the complex 25 News saw potholes, windows with fans or plywood. City inspectors have at least 5 complaints about broken air conditioners.

“If it were this inside my apartment I would by dying,” said Seneff.

City code enforcer, Joe Dulin, said landlords are not required to provide AC in Illinois, but they are aware of ongoing issues and have been in contact with the management company. Dulin says if someone is having issues to contact the city through Peoria Cares and to always have a lawyer read your lease.

“This is just silly we pay over $900 dollars a month and we think that we live in a third world complex,” said Seneff.

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