Havana mother claims gas company owes her thousands in damages

Published: May. 2, 2022 at 10:02 PM CDT
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HAVANA (Heart of Illinois ABC) - A Havana mother claims Circle K owes her thousands of dollars in damages. It stems from downed powerlines back in November, but not from a storm.

“There was a huge boom and a flash of light. And then all of the stuff in the house started going crazy,” said Havana resident, Mary Riley.

Riley says her Havana home was suddenly out of power one night in late November.

“We look outside and there’s no storm or anything, but we notice these lines have been ripped down,” said Riley.

Turns out, the power lines had been ripped from the side of her home after a pole across the street was hit. Her microwave, washer, coffee pot, a power strip and her computer all broke when it happened.

“Without any other way to figure it out, I engaged a lawyer here in town so she could figure it out,” said Riley.

The Havana Police report indicated the driver turned into the parking lot and hit the utility pole. Her attorney later found out it was a Circle K semi truck turning into the gas station’s parking lot.

“By December 6th, she was in contact with Circle K and that’s when we had found out it was their driver,” said Riley.

Although, Ameren already had the pole and power restored by the next day, Riley said the damage was already done.

“We don’t have a choice. I can’t come up with 3 to $600 to buy a washing machine,” said Riley.

Now, Riley wants money for new appliances and her lawyer fees.

“Just laundry money, just items to be replaced at like-condition, we’re just under $3,000,” said Riley.

Riley said Circle K offered her $1,088 after they assessed damages.

“I told my lawyer that would not be acceptable,” Riley continued, “I think that they are wholly neglecting the situation.”

Heart of Illinois ABC reached out to Circle K and have not heard back, yet.

Riley also contacted Ameren for damage claims. Ameren had a third-party investigate the incident and found the driver was also at fault because it hit the pole with their vehicle.

Riley says she is not going to stop until she is compensated.

“It wouldn’t have happened without a neglectful driver taking out an entire light pole,” said Riley.

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