2007: Death of 3-month-old reopened, what parents reported

3-month-old Nigel Ragon died in 2007 from “SIDS”
Nigel Ragon
Nigel Ragon(Gray)
Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 7:36 PM CDT
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PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) - The case of 3-month-old infant Nigel Ragon who died in 2007 is getting renewed attention 15 years later after the death of his half-brother, 8-year-old Navin Jones.

Their mother, Stephanie Jones, is facing murder charges after her 8-year-old son Navin Jones died Tuesday after what prosecutors say was months of physical abuse by neglect.

In 2007, her son Nigel Ragon died of what the previous coroner determined to be Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. But, DCFS reported they found evidence of unsafe sleep.

Now the current Peoria County Coroner Jamie Harwood says the death is suspicious.

“Technology has changed, forensic science has changed and really advanced over the last 15 years so,” he said.

Harwood says SIDS was a broad term given when they couldn’t collectively find a probable cause of death for an infant.

“There was no viable cause of death to this child and we have another child by the same mother who is now dead and I think that’s of concern, it’s a red flag,” he said. “And so, our goal is justice.”

The previous coroner’s report indicates baby Nigel was found unresponsive wedged between cushions of a futon couch.

The father, Justin Ragon, put the baby on the couch on his back and surrounded him with a blanket so he could not move.

According to that report, he then woke Stephanie up and told her to get up because he was leaving for work. When he came home, Nigel was in a completely different spot - one he says the baby couldn’t have gotten into on his own.

Baby Nigel was face down with his whole body in the folded crack of a futon. Stephanie says she woke up to the father screaming ‘my baby my baby’ claiming she was asleep the whole time.

The report also indicates the baby had been at OSF several times in the past months for chronic crying and spitting up.

The father says Stephanie had been frustrated with Nigel- but he never saw her hurt Nigel.

Now Harwood says he’s confident they will come up with more information than what was presented 15 years ago.

“It’s important for us to make sure that justice was served for this child as well as I hope it will be for Navin as well,” Harwood said.

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