Driving slow is key to traveling safely in slick conditions left from Thursday’s winter storm

Published: Feb. 17, 2022 at 7:41 PM CST
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PEORIA (HEART OF ILLINOIS ABC) - Conditions drastically worsened as the day went on and as the snow continued to fall across Central Illinois. Highways and main roads mostly have one passable lane, but back roads and exits remain entirely covered.

Snow-packed roads will likely continue to be a concern into Friday which means the slippery conditions will continue as well. Avoiding travel in the snow can be difficult, because you may have to go to work, a hospital, or even pick up medicine. If you do make the decision to drive, make sure you are equipped for it. Driving Instructor and School Owner Doug Burgess said, “We can drive in this. People drive in this kind of thing every day.

You just have to do three things. One, slow down. Two allow more space between you and other drivers, and three start doing the basic functions sooner.”

Basic functions like slowing down much sooner than you normally do when coming to a stop light and especially when making a turn. Making sure your lights are on so other drivers can you when we are in white out conditions like we were today.

If you do find yourself swerving or losing control, Doug says to turn your wheel into the direction your back end is going. If the front of your vehicle is swerving left, cut your wheel right to try to counter the swerve.

If you do get stuck and need a tow truck, you may have to wait awhile for it, because there are likely others in front of you. Tow truck driver Matthew Quinn suggests equipping your car with blankets, flashlight, cones, and other safety items.

Quinn added, “If you’re stuck in a ditch.... the exhaust can’t escape, because it is in the snow. Try to clean that out a little bit because otherwise it’s going to get trapped and your car won’t run and will shut off and it will get cold.”

Make sure to check if there are any collision alerts in your area before heading out. They are in affect for a reason as the conditions worse. Drive slow, take it easy, and don’t travel if you don’t need to, or until conditions improve.

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