Supply chain issues spill over into new year as COVID cases surges

Published: Jan. 7, 2022 at 6:19 PM CST
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PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) - A shortage of just about everything sums up the supply chain issues in 2021, and while most businesses have been able to get more stock on the shelves, they still have a long way to go.

At Haddad’s West Peoria Market, general manager Christopher Stuckey said keeping supply has been an up and down journey.

“It has delayed a lot of deliveries, sometimes by days,” Stuckey said.

“Sometimes we order 1,500 pieces for the truck and we receive 600 or 800,” he added.

Lately, they’ve been able to get most of the product they order come in, but are missing some odd things like containers for food and trays for donuts.

“The biggest thing we have right now is actually supplies for the deli and the containers for our to go items are virtually impossible to get, I’m having to resort to amazon and things like that,” Stuckey said.

Ed Bonds, a marketing professor at Bradley University said more product is moving now and more people are getting their items on time.

But Bonds said you still have to expect some delays.

“The volume of movement is actually pretty high,” Bond said.

“Their problem is this kind of backlog. Once you get a bunch of ships waiting that creates this huge demand in time to smooth out,” he added.

Bonds said surging COVID cases play a role because manufacturing facilities are shorthanded to make and ship product.

“When those things have to close down or shut partially because of a flare up of COVID, we’re gonna see an impact from that,” Bonds said.

The problem is: Both Bonds and Stuckey believe the struggles will be done in 2023.

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