A video of a break-in in progress is disturbing, showing a man clad head-to-toe in obscuring clothes. He's seen going back and forth in a Normal home for anything he can get his hands on.

That man looks remarkably similar to a man caught on camera in Bloomington from an incident in May, where he appears to be ransacking a nursery.  

And those two incidents aren't the only ones.

"We've had approximately four break-ins that we would consider possibly related since March," admitted Eric Klingele, Asst. Chief of Police for Normal.

The targets of those four (not counting the one in Bloomington) were within the Ironwood subdivision, outside Ironwood Golf Course. Police said the thief took jewelry and, in one instance, a laptop.

"Eighty percent of burglaries are preventable," claimed Robert Brown, owner of Rockstar A/V & Integrated Security. "And you can catch these people with the right systems in place."

Brown says multiple layers of security is the best bet, and not to rely on just one defense.

"We tie our security systems into alarm systems as well, so you could have a text alert on motion detection," he said. "You'll get alerts while it's happening."

Security cameras aren't the only ways to keep your home safe. Police shared some tips on prevention that you can use to keep your home from looking like a target:

First and foremost, make your home look occupied even when you aren't home. That includes things like lights turned on both inside and outside of the home.

They also recommend steps such as leaving a (locked) car in the driveway, or asking a neighbor to keep an eye out.

And, if nothing else, call the non-emergency line for a patrol check.

"There's nothing too minor for you to call and let us come out and let us check," said Klingele. "If you're in doubt, give us a call."

Normal and Bloomington police are asking that anyone with information - or who may be able to identify the suspect in the videos - call them or McLean County Crime Stoppers anonymously.