The Republican nominee for Illinois Attorney General is making her stop in the Heart of Illinois. Erika Harold is on day four of a statewide listening tour. 

Harold spent the morning alongside Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell for a walkthrough of the jail. She says criminal justice reform is one of her top priorities as she seeks the role of chief legal officer. 

The former Miss America says one of the biggest challenges for justice systems is the need for additional mental health resources, something she feels current Attorney General Lisa Madigan Isn't giving enough attention.

"I also don't think she's been a strong and visible enough leader in the arena of criminal justice reform.  We spend a lot of money incarcerating people but we're not giving enough opportunities for people to be able to rebuild their lives upon release," Harold said.

Harold is up against Democratic State Senator Kwame Raoul in the November election.  According to his website, Raoul's biggest areas of concern are fighting gun violence and defending healthcare access for all.