Sometimes we go through life in a hurry, never taking a moment to pause and look at our surroundings.

Some kids in McLean County are trying to get you to do just that.

12-year-old Kai Bailey-Smith has always been into art.

He has been hard at work the past few days, painting the Washington Street bridge tunnel of the Constitution Trail.

"I feel like I'm right here at home. This is where I like to be, with all the creative people just drawing my art and letting my creative side just expand and stuff like that," said Bailey-Smith.

The Illinois Art Station, through Illinois State University, partnered with the City of Bloomington's Citizens' Beautification Committee to make this mural come to life.

All these kids had to do was show up with a design that they feel represents their community.

"So they're doing math, they're incorporating their own skills. I'm so proud. It was amazing to see put their sketches on the wall and work from their little squares. They saw the paint and they went for it," said Katie Barko, Illinois Art Station.

Everything for this project was donated and when the final stroke is complete, the mural will spell Bloomington.

"I hope that each letter means something to them personally and that they can connect with it. When I think of Bloomington-Normal, I think of many people coming together," said 13-year-old Raji More.

With a little paint, hard work and creativity, the tunnel will soon have that community feel these youth hoped for.

Bailey-Smith adds, "I don't think there are words to explain how cool this is. It is just a marvelous thing that this community is doing and one of the best things about this is that it's all kids."

Many of these kids have gone through this tunnel before, some adding they knew something was missing.

Soon the pieces will be in place.