Some Normal West High school students took time out class today to remember two former athletes whose lives were cut short. But they helped save others by donating their organs. A bench was dedicated in memory of senior baseball player Olivia Sonetz. She was killed in a vehicle accident March 9th. Twenty-two-year- old Michael Collins, a baseball player, was killed April 2, 2014. Both of their vehicles were hit by other cars. Collins mother said her son decided shortly after receiving his driver's license as a teenager to become an organ donor. She says for him it was an easy choice.

"He just got it, he even got it at a young age, absolutely he understood it and it was just a no brainer choice. He just knew that that was what he should do," said Kelly Collins.

Laura and I mutually agreed, immediately that even though it's a difficult thing for parents to go through it the right thing to do," said Paul Sonetz.

Olivia Sonetz helped save three lives. Michael Collins also helped save three people. The school says the bench will be a reminder of the need to consider organ donation.