Every year Art Partners of Central Illinois offer local artists a chance to put their work in the spotlight. 

"When you are driving by and see those large billboards featuring local art, it just captures you," said Jen Gordon with Art Partners. 

Out of over 100 artists, only six have their work featured on billboards all across Peoria and one artist takes the ultimate prize. 

The People's Choice award and their masterpiece on the Maxam building in downtown Peoria.

Alex Tsigolaroff stole the honor with his piece, "The Future is Funny."

"The people I work with possibly not. They might have thought I was just an AD artist. So, to actually be able to show this to people that didn't know me that well was really nice," said Tsigolaroff.

The idea for this award winner combines the future with the past while adding a comic 70's twist.

"Back in the space race people we're always talking about 'Oh! In the future we will all be flying around on jet packs, but what actually happened was we're all just taking selfies of ourselves," said Tsigolaroff.

Alex said this is a huge honor.

The billboards will start to go up in June.