The video taped fight at Peoria High School has been blowing up on social media.  The freshman girl, holding a knife while standing on a table is tased by a Peoria police officer.  District 150 school officials say the fight that erupted Monday morning in between class changes was a spillover from a weekend incident.
Peoria public school administrators say there were at least 100 or more students around when a fight between five girls broke out in a commons area of Central High School.   A spokesperson for the district says the Peoria Police officer assigned to the school acted quickly in tasing the female student who pulled the knife from a backpack.

"Our staff are trained in de-escalation and working to dissolve those conflicts as quickly as possible. Our top priority is student safety." said District 150 Spokesman Chris Coplan..

District 150 officials call the fight an isolated incident.  Coplan says bullying was not a factor.

He says evidence shows the 15-year-old freshman was the aggressor in the fight. Coplan says there are metal detectors in the building, but adds they are not at every entrance.

"There was police everywhere and the big part everybody is saying the police tased her. I think that is wrong. She could have hurt herself," said Peoria High Sophomore Kamia Robinson.